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What Is the Difference Between a Holistic Dentist and a Natural Dentist?

August 22, 2019

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Holistic dentists practice dentistry by taking the whole body into consideration. This type of dentist analyzes the impact of swollen gums and damaged teeth on other parts of the body. Holistic dentists believe that prevention is better than cure.

According to the approach followed by holistic dentists, proper nutrition can prevent tooth decay. They also believe that placing foreign materials like metals and chemical compounds can disturb the body’s natural balance.

Difference Between a Holistic Dentist and a Natural Dentist

In order to understand the difference between a holistic dentist and natural dentist, let’s discuss their basic concepts.


There actually isn’t that much difference between the approaches followed by holistic dentists and natural dentists. Their names come from their respective organizations.

Both holistic dentistry and natural dentistry focus on the utilization of non-toxic restorative materials when offering dental treatments. However, there is a slight difference in the approach. Natural dentistry focuses on oral health when treating dental issues.

Conversely, holistic dentistry takes the whole body into account. These dentists consider the body as an integrated system, which is why holistic dentistry follows a more comprehensive approach.

Origins: Holistic Dentist vs. Natural Dentist

The concept of natural and holistic dentistry began when the National Dental Association suggested that because amalgam fillings include mercury, they could be harmful to the overall health of a body. As a result of this warning, most practitioners and dentists stopped using this type of filling. This led to the origin of natural and holistic dentistry.

Both types of dentistry take the teeth, jaw, and gums into account. The dentists following either of these approaches consider that each part of a body is interconnected. Therefore, by fixing a problem in one area, they are also easing pain in another.

Self-Healing Mechanism

Holistic dentistry believes that the self-healing mechanisms of our body can treat dental issues. The use of toxic materials reduces the strength of our body to defend against disease.

Therefore, holistic dentists preclude the use of toxic materials when dealing with dental problems. Natural dentists specifically prefer using new approaches to improve the ability of our body to cure itself. For this purpose, they use medication that not only treats the issue but also improves wellbeing.

Patient’s Health Is the Ultimate Concern

Natural dentistry considers the whole structure of the mouth. The bite, teeth alignment, and overall health of our mouth are of great importance. Natural dentists look at the broader perspective of the problem when offering dental care, thus making it possible to identify and treat the true cause of the problem.

When offering dental care to their patients, both types of dentistry take great care of their patient’s health. According to holistic dentists, the smile that comes from the whole body is much more visible than one just from the mouth.