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The Top 7 Benefits of a Natural Dentist

July 18, 2019

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A natural dentist can prevent dental health issues such as mercury/fluoride poisoning, tooth decay, bad breath, and plaque. Natural dentistry involves long-term dental care by educating patients about proper dental hygiene.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of a natural dentist and see the difference one can make when offering dental care to their patients.

1. They Prefer to Conduct Biocompatible Tests for Dental Materials

Natural dentists always test for the biocompatibility of a material before placing it into their patient’s mouth. Traditional dentists don’t always care about the possibility of toxins in the materials used for dental care.

Natural dentists can use a wide range of materials to fill a tooth cavity. When offering procedures such as the fixture of bridges or crowns, natural dentists will first determine the biocompatibility of the materials.

2. They Never Recommend Mercury Fillings

The mercury filling controversy is widely known in the dental industry. Conventional dentistry prefers mercury fillings since this procedure is less expensive and easy to replace. But natural dentists consider mercury to be a toxic element and avoid using even a small amount, which ensures the overall health of a patient.

3. They Can Overcome the Harmful Effects of Previous Treatments

Natural dentistry can help correct the adverse effects of previous dental treatments. For instance, if you have a mercury filling, you can visit a natural dentist and get it replaced with a safer option.

4. They Promise Overall Health

This type of dental practice not only takes care of your dental issues but also helps improve your oral health. Natural dentists follow only those procedures that are good for both your dental health and overall wellbeing.

When you visit a natural dentist, you are protecting the natural balance of your body. This suggests that you can prevent other health complications by receiving dental treatment through a natural dentist.

5. They Use Non-toxic Materials

The materials used by a natural dentist are safe and non-toxic. These professionals don’t offer treatments that are harmful to the overall health of a patient. Furthermore, by utilizing the least invasive treatments, natural dentists can also minimize recovery time.

6. They Avoid X-rays

Exposure to X-rays is a potential threat and an unnecessary risk. This is why natural dentists always use digital X-rays, which have less radiation. Even though digital X-rays are less harmful, natural dentists still avoid using them in most cases. Therefore, if you want to secure yourself from the harmful effects of X-rays, consider visiting a natural dentist.

7. They Don’t Use Fluoride Treatments

The use of fluoride is common when it comes to conventional dentistry. This type of treatment is controversial, and debates about its benefits and side effects are still ongoing. However, natural dentists believe that excessive use of fluoride may cause serious health issues.

Fluoride treatments may increase the risk of bone cancer, dementia, or various muscle disorders. As such, natural dentists avoid fluoride treatment when offering dental care to their patients.