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What Is a Natural Dentist?

August 8, 2019

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A natural dentist is also known as a holistic dentist. Natural dentistry involves diverse practices. The methods and approach followed are different from conventional dentistry. For example, a natural dentist doesn’t recommend the use of mercury in dental fillings. They also believe that root canals can disturb the natural balance of a body and cause health issues.

In order to fully understand what a natural dentist is, let’s dig deep into the concepts associated with this profession.

Natural Dentists Avoid Using Sealants

A natural dentist doesn’t use sealants, as the basic components or materials used for this purpose can be harmful to human health. This is one of the factors that differentiate conventional dentists from natural dentists.

Natural Dentists Always Test Filling Materials

A natural dentist tests filling materials before using one. This helps determine whether a particular material suits the patient. Conversely, conventional dentists don’t bother to test the filling material, which may cause allergic reactions.

Natural Dentists Don’t Offer Root Canals

When your tooth is suffering from inflammation, it may cause severe pain and discomfort. To relieve you from this pain, the conventional dentist may suggest root canal treatment. Natural dentists, on the other hand, prefer alternative treatment options. These involve using herbs, the removal of toxic dental materials, and addressing the cause of inflammation. Nutritional support may also reduce the need to undergo a root canal procedure. If your dentist recommends such a treatment, think about visiting a natural dentist. You can avoid any further damage to your teeth by obtaining holistic dental treatment.

Natural Dentists Avoid Mercury Fillings

Natural dentists don’t recommend mercury fillings. They consider the health of their patients over any other thing. If a dentist offers mercury filling treatment, it is a sign that you are dealing with a conventional dentist.

Natural Dentists Use Digital X-rays or None at All

X-rays emit harmful radiations, which make them dangerous when used multiple times. This is why natural dentists avoid using X-rays in normal conditions. However, if it is extremely necessary to conduct such a test, natural dentists prefer using digital X-rays. The radiation level of this type is 50% lower.

Natural Dentists Don’t Offer Fluoride Treatments

Natural dentists are aware of the side effects of using an excessive amount of fluoride. It increases the risk of tooth fractures and leaves white spots on the teeth. Therefore, natural dentists don’t offer any kind of fluoride treatment to their patients.

Natural Dentists Avoid Using Painkillers

Natural dentists benefit from the latest advancements in the technologies associated with dental care. Use of an infrared device to reduce pain is one of the most common examples. Typically, conventional dentists use painkillers after surgical treatments. However, this isn’t the case when you undergo surgical treatment at a facility offering natural dentistry services. You will receive a scan by an infrared scanning machine, which you will place near your jaw. As a result, you will experience a less invasive treatment and better healing of your mouth, teeth, and gums.