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Do I Need to Remove My Mercury Fillings?

July 4, 2019

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The term mercury fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, refers to a practice used by dentists to fill a cavity in a tooth. Although these types of fillings have been used for more than a century, certain dentists are starting to consider it harmful for the overall health of the patients.

Amalgam fillings involve the use of mercury, which raises concerns regarding the harmful impacts of this element. This is why people often want to remove these fillings if they have them.

Here are a few instances where it might be viable to remove the mercury fillings.

When Your Mercury Filling Is Damaged

Mercury fillings may expose you to a small amount of mercury when these fillings are starting to decay. However, not all people experience the same degree of damage over time. For instance, patients who consume a particular type of seafood may damage their fillings earlier than others.

If this is the case, it is essential to remove the mercury fillings to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the mercury. Here are a few ways to help you determine if your mercury fillings are getting damaged.

Cracks: If there is a tooth injury, it may crack the mercury fillings. As a result, the mercury will start to enter the food you consume. Cracked fillings also promote the growth of bacteria, which tends to be harmful to your teeth.

Faulty seal: When the dentist fails to seal the material properly, it may cause damage to the mercury filling. The issue of a faulty seal can also damage your teeth by promoting the growth of harmful bacteria.

Decay: Decay occurs due to the routine wear and tear of mercury fillings, especially if the material used for such fillings is soft and less sturdy. If left untreated, it may completely damage the filling, exposing the decayed part of your teeth. If you are experiencing symptoms of such decay, it is crucial to remove the filling. If you leave your tooth in this condition, it will increase its sensitivity and cause pain.

Allergic Reactions

If you are allergic to mercury, it is not advisable to have mercury fillings. Allergy symptoms may include swollen gums, pain, the inability to chew, and bad breath. Moreover, some patients may also feel a headache due to the presence of mercury in their amalgam fillings.

If you have undergone this procedure without knowing that there is mercury in your amalgam filling, it is necessary to remove it as soon as possible, before you have an allergic reaction. For this purpose, you should visit your dentist and seek a recommendation for an alternative filling material.

What Is the Best Option for You?

If you have concerns about the presence of mercury in your fillings, the best option is to see a holistic dentist. They will analyze the situation and recommend whether you should remove the mercury filling or keep it.

When mercury fillings are not intact, it is essential to replace them with another material. This will prevent you from exposing your body to the harmful effects of the mercury.