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Why Are “Holistic” Dentists on the Rise?

October 31, 2019

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While visiting the office of a holistic dentist, you will receive the same services as offered by a conventional dentist. For instance, a holistic dentist can clean teeth, fill cavities, and create bridges and ceramic implants. So, what is the difference between a holistic and a traditional dentist? Their approach. In fact, the holistic approach involves the concept that the teeth and gums are an integral part of the body, and we shouldn’t consider them separately.

The holistic dentists are on the rise, and there are obvious reasons for their popularity. In this article, we will discuss these factors.

Use of Natural Products

Holistic dental offices, such as a biological dentist Phoenix, use natural materials while treating the teeth and gums. These dentists pay attention to even the slightest issue that may affect your oral health, as well as overall body condition.

They all believe in a concept that we can’t treat the teeth without taking other factors of life into consideration. For instance, when offering dental care, a holistic dentist will consider the lifestyle, diet, and mental and emotional health of the patient.

Biological dentists also avoid using harmful chemicals while treating the teeth. On the contrary, they prefer traditional and herbal products as remedies.

Mercury-Free Dentist 

Virtually, all the offices of biological dentists are mercury-free, as well as mercury-safe when it comes to removing mercury fillings. This is one of the reasons that people are more inclined toward holistic dentists. In fact, almost every biological dentist is a metal-free dentist.

The procedure followed by these dentists is safe and less invasive. Popular offices, like Phoenix dentist, also use a cranial-sacral massage. This type of treatment helps soothe pain and relieve stress.

When removing mercury fillings, holistic dentists follow a safety protocol, which ensures the safety of the patient, doctor, staff, and the surrounding environment. The primary concern is to dispose of the mercury safely. For this purpose, a holistic dentist Phoenix hires the services of licensed agents. 

Insurance Cover

Insurance cover is another valid reason that people are inclined toward holistic dental services. In most cases, holistic dental procedures are covered by insurance.

However, it depends on the procedure and type of insurance you have. Visiting a holistic dentist is similar to seeing an acupuncturist. If the practitioner is in the network and you have proper insurance, you may have to pay less of the cost.


Although holistic dentistry is gaining popularity, you need to be vigilant while choosing a trained and reliable holistic dentist. Just like any other practitioner, a biological dentist may try to make outlandish claims and offer unbelievable discounts on different procedures. Therefore, try to find the best possible option, such as a biological dentist phoenix.