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Why You Should Choose a Metal-Free Dentist

August 29, 2019

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Before metal-free dentistry, metals were the only option for dental care treatments like fillings. Nowadays, however, dentists have more options. In fact, most dentists follow a metal-free dentistry approach.

Below are the reasons that you should opt for metal-free dentistry.

Is a Less Invasive Treatment

The process involved during amalgam filling procedure can be quite painful. But porcelain or composite resin fillings require minimum drilling, making this process less invasive. Therefore, if you are facing a dental issue, make sure to visit a metal-free dentist.

Has a Higher Safety Factor

In addition to other elements, amalgam fillings contain almost 50% mercury, which has a small possibility of releasing toxic vapors into the mouth. Therefore, conventional dentistry treatment isn’t always safe. If you want reliable dental treatment, metal-free dentists can ensure desired outcomes.

Although allergic reactions are not common, it is advisable to prevent any unpleasant circumstances by opting for metal-free dentistry.

Maintains the Structural Integrity of the Teeth

In the case of metal fillings, excessive drilling might be necessary. As a result, the dentist can compromise the structural integrity of a tooth. The presence of amalgam places additional pressure on the tooth, making it vulnerable to future damage.

Metal-free dentists use durable and soft materials for the filling. This helps reduce symptoms of pain and enhance the life of a tooth.

Has Aesthetic Appeal

A metal filling is highly visible and may look unpleasant when you talk or laugh. Conversely, metal-free dentistry uses materials like porcelain and composite resins to ensure the aesthetic appeal of the filled tooth by blending it with the rest of the natural teeth. To regain your natural smile, it is essential to visit a metal-free dentist.

Has No Issues of Allergic Reaction

Amalgam fillings include mercury and other elements. As a small percentage of people are allergic to mercury, there is no point in using this material for the tooth restoration procedure.

The allergic reaction associated with mercury can inflame and irritate the soft tissues of the mouth. This may cause various issues linked with gums and overall oral health and lead to the removal of mercury fillings at a later stage.

To avoid happening this to you, make sure to opt for metal-free dentistry. It will not only restore your damaged teeth but also prevent you from the issue of allergic reactions.

Takes Less Time to Complete a Metal-Free Dentist Filling

It requires more time to prepare a tooth for a metal filling. However, a metal-free dentist uses the latest techniques, which can reduce the time of dental filling.

Has a High Durability Factor

Usually, people consider metal fillings to be more durable than alternative options. However, the truth is that composite dental crowns bond together strongly, which enhances their durability. Composite fillings include strong materials that can secure the teeth for longer than expected.