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What Is a Metal-Free Dentist?

August 1, 2019

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In the past few years, innovation and advancement in technology have caused a change in the approach toward dental care and metal-free dentists. Previously, gold and silver fillings were the only choices available to patients in need of restoring their damaged teeth.

However, as material technology has advanced, new synthetic materials are now available to restore teeth and maintain their natural appearance. These are metal-free options, which are safer and easier to work on.

A metal-free dentist can treat your damaged teeth by using the latest materials. Such fillings can stay for a longer period and reduce the chances of bacterial growth. For instance, porcelain fillings retain their shape and resist the growth of bacteria.

This is the reason composite and porcelain fillings are healthy and safe. In addition, these types of fillings are aesthetically appealing. As such, you don’t have to compromise the beauty of your smile.

Metal-Free Dentistry

As evident from the name, metal-free dentistry doesn’t involve any kind of metal when filling the damaged tooth. During this procedure, dentists use modern materials like dental resin, porcelain, and zirconia.

The best part about this type of dentistry is the appearance of the materials used during dental care. You don’t need to worry about imperfections that are typical after conventional dental treatment.

Holistic dentists replace your natural teeth with synthetic teeth, which look identical to natural teeth. You can even choose the color to match it appropriately. It helps preserve the natural beauty of your mouth.

In addition, advanced dental materials and techniques take care of your dental issues in a comfortable and least invasive way.

Benefits of Metal-Free Dentistry

The benefits associated with the metal-free dentistry are numerous. However, some of them are as under.

Offers a More Natural Appearance

If you have a metal or mercury amalgam filling in one of your teeth, it will change the color of your tooth and give it a grayish color. This tends to affect the aesthetic value of your teeth. On the contrary, composite fillings when combined with the benefits of metal-free dentistry, offer a natural appearance to your teeth after treatment.

Similarly, when it comes to crowns, you have the option of choosing the best materials. The ceramics used for restoring the damaged teeth are indistinguishable from the natural teeth.

Lasts for a Long Time

The procedures involved during metal-free dentistry are more reliable, as they offer long-term relief from dental problems. For instance, porcelain fillings can last up to 15 to 30 years.

Overcomes the Issue of Sensitivity

Metals like copper, titanium, and mercury are excellent conductors of heat. This means that they tend to heat up and cool down much quicker. As a result, the patient can experience tooth sensitivity. However, this isn’t the case when a metal-free dentist has restored your teeth using advanced materials.

For instance, materials such as resin, ceramics, and zirconia don’t conduct heat and appear to be less susceptible to the difference in temperatures. The teeth restored through metal-free dentistry are therefore less sensitive.